Is JPTS a Private University or Federal University (Answered)

Is JPTS a Private or Federal University? Scholar isle is here to answer all your questions regarding JPTS university. Same way, we have come up with the answer to this particular question and to clear the doubts and debates on whether JPTS university is a private, State or federal institution.

In case you do not know, JPTS operates like other regular universities in Nigeria and its certificate is also recognized and held at high esteem just like other university’s certificates.

First, let us take a look at what a private university is and how to point it out. If you are still wondering if JPTS is real or scam, check out my article on that.

Note: the Joint Professional and Training Support (JPTS) and Global Wealth University refer to the same institution.

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What is a Private University

A private university is a university which is managed by private bodies and its affairs are decided by those bodies. Although recognized by the  National Universities Commission (NUC), its affairs are undoubtedly handled by private body .

A private university could be owned by a person, group of persons or an organization. From the organization of the university down to the payment of salaries to the staff are all overseen by the private body constituted to do so.

However, the government still has a hand in it. In that, the government regulates the university’s activities to avoid mismanagement of powers.

A private university can be located in any state since it is owned privately. So, it is left for the owner(s) to decide the location of the institution.

Federal University

In the case of a Federal University, the Federal government takes care of it and runs its affairs unlike the private institution. Federal institutions are located in all the States across the country.

State University

This is a university which is handled by the government of a State. Each State of the Federation has only one university and it can only be located in that particular State.

Now that you have seen the difference between these 3, which one does JPTS university fall under? Let’s find out.

Is JPTS a Private or Federal or State University?

JPTS university is a private university which offers diverse courses for both Msc and Bsc. It required credits in your 5 main subjects including English and Mathematics to gain admission no the university.

It is also known as an international private university which has its branches and locations in the countries. It is an institution approved and recognized within and outside Nigeria by the National Universities Commission.

Being a private university, JPTS operates independent of JAMB and several other governmental agency to ensure that it offers quality and high standard academic services to the Nigerian students and those beyond.


I hope this answers your question and all doubts concerning it have been cleared. If you have any other related questions to ask, search this blog.

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