Does JPTS use JAMB | Does it Require UTME for Admission

Are you looking for a possible means to run away from JAMB stress? One criteria one must pass before gaining admission in to any tertiary institution in Nigeria is that you must have your O’Level or A’Level result and you must take JAMB. However, there are institutions which do not require UTME to offer admission. However, that is not really what were here to treat today. The main question here is “Does JPTS use JAMB or not?”

Note: the Joint Professional and Training Support (JPTS) and Global Wealth University refer to the same institution.

I might have heard of the Joint Professional and Training Support (JPTS) and probably how easy it is to gain admission into the institution. You might have heard of its quality services and goals in raising professionals in different academic fields and now you want to know more about it. What a smart move!

In this post, scholar isle will tell you everything you need to know about JPTS and JAMB. Stay tuned!

Does the Joint Professional and Training Support (JPTS) Use JAMB to Offer Admission?

No, the Joint Professional and Training Support (JPTS) does not require JAMB for admission because it is a private institute which has other branches or locations outside the sores of Nigeria. So, it cannot adopt JMAB as a criteria for admission since other countries do not make use of JAMB.

Furthermore, JPTS is not only located in Nigeria like other regular universities in the country.

What are the Requirements for JPTS Admission?

Now, you have seen that you not need JAMB to apply for JPTS. But, what exactly do you need to apply for JPTS admission/scholarship? Here are the criteria below:

  1. Get your O’Level (WAEC or NECO SSCE) or A’Level (GCE) result. You must have credits in your 5 main subjects including English Language and Mathematics and any other additional subjects.
  2. Participate in the JPTS entrance examination which takes place once each year. It is designed to screen and select qualified students for admission at JPTS.
  3. Visit the JPTS portal and submit your online application
  4. Wait for the feedback from the admission desk. Once your admission is processed, proceed to the JPTS admission portal to print your admission letter.

Will I be Required to Write JAMB in the Future

No, at JPTS university there is nothing like writing of UTME. You will not be required to write JAMB in the future.

Even if it is introduced in the future, the already admitted students will not be required to write. Instead, the subsequent students to be admitted will be expected to do so. So, relax your mind and follow the registration process.

Conclusion: Does JPTS Require UTME

While other regular universities in Nigeria use JAMB to offer admission, JPTS university does not require such. It operates independent of JAMB. However, one can use JPTS certificate to get any kind of job in the country.

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