Ten Things You Must Avoid As a Student | Never Do Them

As a student, there are things you must do and there are also things you must avoid. In this post, I will share with you 10 things you should and must avoid if you want to excel as a student.

Overview: Things to Avoid As a Student

Being a student is both a challenging yet gratifying or rewarding experience that requires handwork, dedication, smart choices and of course determination and resilience. As students there should be things you should avoid and not even think of doing because engaging in these activities will end up making you lose your focus and the reason you are a student. To this end, schools come up with rules and regulations to guide students on what to do and not do at intervals. But as seen in the society or even in our schools, students have found ways to circumvent these laid down rules and regulations and instead submitted to their vices.

In this article, we will discuss things or actions that should not be considered or taken in and outside of the classroom as students. Sit tight and read through, it promises to be educating.


Ten Tings Students Should Not Engage in

1. Procrastination

Avoid putting off assignments and studying until the last minute. Example includes: Putting off studying for an important exam until the last minute. Many student fall prey of this. They continue to pile books until a later time and this causes peeing performance in exams or test. It is advisable to get whatever needs to be done immediately without giving room for excuses.

2. Skip Classes

Attend your classes regularly to stay on top of the material. Many students choose classes they would attend. Maybe due to favoritism of the teacher involved or lecturer. Skipping classes has its effects on students, you may end up missing out on quality explanations that could help out during examinations and so on, as well as attendance.

3. Plagiarize

Never copy someone else’s work without proper attribution. Plagiarism has serious consequences, your work can get struck out or worst still you be expelled.

4. Cram

Avoid last-minute cramming; instead, maintain a consistent study schedule. Procrastination leads to cramming. When you are expected to read and understand, you put it off until last minute, then you employ fore brigade method to reading.

5. Avoid Feedback

Pay attention to feedback from teachers and peers to improve. Most students exhibits stubbornness and prefer to be left with what they know and not bothered. They feel they know it all and are thus superior to whatever instruction given.

6. Neglect Health

Don’t sacrifice your health by neglecting sleep, nutrition, and exercise. In the quest to be successful ad a study, many student fail to take good care of their health. They read round the clock, this can howbeit have poor impact on such student. The student may end up falling terribly sick, or even forget what to write during exams. So, inspire of our desire to be successful as student, we should endeavor to take our health into consideration, sleep as at
when due, eat good food and so on.

7. Overcommit

Balance your academic and extracurricular activities wisely. Do not get committed into every activity done in school. Know when to draw the line. Have a working timetable and abide by it judiciously.

8. Time Mismanagement

Learn time management skills to prioritize tasks effectively. This is very important, many students are victims of this and thus complain 24 hours is not enough to complete a task. Make every second, minute, hour, in a day count. Be accountable for everything you do in a day. This is where a working timetable comes in.

9. Disrespect Others

Treat teachers, classmates, and staff with respect and courtesy. Being rude or arrogant will get you no where. Listen to opinion of others, ask questions when necessary, accommodate others opinion no matter how little and incorporate it. Correct others with respect and be teachable.

10. Forget to Plan

Always have a plan or goals for your academic and personal life. So many students go about their academic activities without an end goal. This result in them moving with the wind, without any purpose. As students, you should have a blue print of how you want a particular term, semester to run with the intention to get something out of it. Don’t be blown by the wind, to and fro without an end game, it is disastrous.

Wrapping Up: 10 Things to Avoid As a Student

In conclusion, as students embark on their educational journeys, it’s crucial to not only focus on what to do but also be aware of what to avoid. This guidance can pave the way for a more successful and fulfilling academic experience. By steering clear of these behaviors, students can enhance their learning experience and set themselves up for success.

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