How to Borrow Data Using MTN USSD Codes

In the fast-paced digital landscape, seamless access to the internet is a necessity. MTN, a leading telecommunications provider, understands the importance of staying connected. For times when you find yourself running low on data and need an immediate solution, MTN offers a convenient option to borrow data using USSD codes. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process, ensuring you can navigate the borrowing process effortlessly and stay connected whenever you need it.                                                                                      How to Borrow Data Using MTN USSD Codes

Chapter 1: Understanding Data Borrowing on MTN

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s familiarize ourselves with the concept of borrowing data on the MTN network.

1.1. What is Data Borrowing?

Data borrowing is a service provided by MTN that allows users to borrow data when they run out of credit. This service ensures uninterrupted connectivity, even when your regular data bundle is depleted.

1.2. Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for data borrowing, users usually need to meet specific criteria, such as having a minimum balance, being a consistent subscriber, or meeting other requirements set by MTN.

Chapter 2: Checking Eligibility for Data Borrowing

Before attempting to borrow data, it’s essential to confirm whether you are eligible. Follow these steps:

2.1. Dial the USSD Code

  • On your MTN-enabled device, dial the specific USSD code designated for checking data borrowing eligibility. This code is typically provided by MTN.

2.2. Follow the Prompts

  • After dialing the code, follow the on-screen prompts to check your eligibility status. This may involve entering your MTN phone number or responding to certain questions.

2.3. Receive Eligibility Status

  • MTN will provide you with information regarding your eligibility for data borrowing. If eligible, you can proceed to borrow data.

Chapter 3: Borrowing Data Using USSD Codes

Now that you’ve confirmed your eligibility, let’s explore the steps to borrow data using USSD codes.

3.1. Dial the USSD Code for Data Borrowing

  • Dial the specific USSD code designated for data borrowing. This code is usually something like *XXX# (the exact code may vary depending on your region).

3.2. Select Borrow Data Option

  • Follow the on-screen prompts to select the option for borrowing data. This may involve entering a specific code or responding to prompts.

3.3. Choose Data Bundle Size

  • MTN often provides options for different data bundle sizes that you can borrow. Select the bundle size that meets your immediate needs.

3.4. Confirm Borrowing

  • Once you’ve chosen the data bundle size, the system will prompt you to confirm the borrowing request. Confirm your choice to proceed.

3.5. Receive Data and Confirmation

  • After confirming, you will receive the borrowed data in your account. Additionally, MTN will send you a confirmation message detailing the borrowed data size, the repayment amount, and the validity period.                                                                      see also                                                                                                                            How to Buy Data Using the MTN App                                                          How to Buy Data Using the MTN App                                                          A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Subscribe to MTN                            How to Use the MTN App

Chapter 4: Repaying Borrowed Data

Data borrowing on MTN is a convenient short-term solution, but it comes with the responsibility of repayment. Here’s how you can repay borrowed data:

4.1. Dial the USSD Code for Repayment

  • MTN provides a specific USSD code for repaying borrowed data. Dial this code to initiate the repayment process.

4.2. Follow the On-Screen Prompts

  • Once you’ve dialed the repayment code, follow the on-screen prompts to navigate through the repayment process. This may involve entering your MTN phone number and confirming the repayment amount.

4.3. Confirm Repayment

  • After entering the required information, the system will prompt you to confirm the repayment. Confirm the repayment to settle the borrowed data amount.

4.4. Receive Repayment Confirmation

  • MTN will send you a confirmation message acknowledging the repayment. This message will typically include details such as the repaid amount and the updated status of your account.

Chapter 5: Managing Borrowed Data

Efficient management of borrowed data ensures a smooth experience. Here’s how you can effectively manage the data you’ve borrowed:

5.1. Check Borrowed Data Balance

  • Dial the USSD code designated for checking data balance to monitor your borrowed data usage. This helps you stay aware of your remaining data balance.

5.2. Set Usage Alerts

  • If available, use the MTN app or USSD codes to set up data usage alerts. This ensures you receive notifications as you approach your borrowed data limit.

5.3. Monitor Validity Period

  • Be mindful of the validity period associated with the borrowed data. Utilize the data within the stipulated timeframe to avoid expiration.

5.4. Avoid Overages

  • Be cautious not to exceed the borrowed data limit, as this may result in additional charges or service restrictions.

Chapter 6: Troubleshooting and Support

In case you encounter issues during the data borrowing process, it’s essential to know how to troubleshoot and seek support.

6.1. Check Network Connection

  • Ensure your device has a stable internet connection before attempting any USSD code operations.

6.2. Verify USSD Code Format

  • Double-check that you are entering the USSD code for data borrowing in the correct format. Mistakes in typing can lead to errors.

6.3. Contact MTN Customer Support

  • If you experience persistent issues, reach out to MTN customer support. They can provide assistance and guidance to resolve any technical or account-related problems.

Chapter 7: Exploring Additional Data Services

MTN may offer additional data-related services and features that complement data borrowing. Explore these options for a more comprehensive data experience:

7.1. Data Gifting

  • Check if MTN provides data gifting options, allowing you to share data with friends or family.

7.2. Data Rollover

  • Inquire about data rollover options that enable you to carry over unused data to the next subscription period.

7.3. Customized Data Plans

  • Explore any customized data plans or promotions that may offer additional data benefits based on your usage patterns.

7.4. Exclusive Data Offers

  • Keep an eye on promotions and exclusive offers that MTN may provide to loyal customers for additional data benefits.


In conclusion, borrowing data using MTN USSD codes is a valuable service that ensures uninterrupted connectivity in times of need. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ve gained insights into checking eligibility, borrowing data, repaying the borrowed amount, and effectively managing your data usage. Embrace the convenience of data borrowing, stay connected, and make the most of your digital experience on the MTN network. The power to control your connectivity is now at your fingertips, thanks to the straightforward and accessible features of MTN USSD codes for data borrowing.