Can I Write WAEC Twice | Is it Possible to write Again?

Are you wondering if you can still have the chance to rewrite or take WAEC the second time due to one reason or the other? Can I Write WAEC two times? Is it possible to write WAEC twice?

You may have a reason to rewrite your WAEC. But you’re being afraid of taking the risk. Some risks are worth taking while some are not.

This post will answer the whole questions for you including other things you need to know about writing WAEC two times and also show you if you need to sit for another round of the exam or not.

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Can I Write WAEC Twice

In a nutshell, yes you can write WAEC twice and have both results but one of the results will not be valid as you cannot use both results at the same time.

You can even sit for WAEC as many times as you want. But remember that you can only use one.

Factors that Can Make You Sit for WAEC Two times

It is important to note that sitting for WAEC two times or more depends on certain factors which include:

  • Where a person fails his WAEC at first. He may sit for another one.
  • Where one loses his WAEC certificate such that he can no longer retrieve it by any means, he is encouraged to rewrite the exam.
  • In a condition where a person abandons his WAEC result/certificate due to some reasons.
  • Where one’s result is cancelled or seized for one reason or the other.

These reasons and more can necessitate taking WAEC for the second time.

In fact, taking WASSCE twice is not a problem. The problem is that you cannot use both at the same time. You can only complement your O’Level result with NECO or GCE in order to make use of it.

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What happens when you sit for WAEC twice

The only thing that happens when you take WAEC twice is that you’ll be required to abandon one result and use only one. No sort of punishment is attached to it.

If you have good WAEC result, there is no reason going for the second time. Just stick to one and keep making use of it.

Do not attempt to change the WAEC result once you start using it for official functions as it may affect you.

If you failed your WAEC and you don’t know what to do, I recommend you take NECO or GCE to complement the result. Some institutions accept two sittings while some don’t, especially in the professional fields.


Sitting for WAEC two times or more can be a great idea if you are facing any of the factors mentioned above. However, it may not be the best option.

Most times, going for NECO or GCE is better as those ones may be easier for you to catch.

NECO seems to be the best alternative especially for senior secondary school students. If you’re a high school or secondary school graduate, GCE is best for you.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions or comments, do well to drop them below.

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